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This Man (This Man Trilogy) By Jodi Ellen Malpas Review

The first book in the ‘This Man’ Trilogy from Jodi Ellen Malpas. Coming out of a long term relationship Interior Designer Ava O’Shea, is thrown in to the world of the conceited, devastatingly handsome, playboy that is Jessie Ward. As owner of ‘The Manor’ Jessie has a consultation booked with Ava for her to do the design work for the extension. Immediately Ava is faced with inability to control the  overwhelming effects of Jessie.

The Man is very well written, as frustrating as Ava’s character is with her lack of decisions and inability to speak up, the chemistry is literally jumping off the pages. Jessie’s character is surprisingly addictive, you just want to know more about him, even when he’s being knowingly ridiculous. I got so caught up in the book I read it in one day sacrificing sleep for the need to finish the book. Thank goodness the second book was available to me straight away which was also finished in record time, I’m now left enduring the torturous wait for the third book. Come on Jodi Ellen Malpas we need more……

‘You should know that once I’ve had you, you’re mine’

As a self published book ‘This Man’ is only available on kindle. The paperbacks will be available in the near future.

This Man (This Man Trilogy)

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Thoughtless – S. C. Stephens – Review

Thoughtless is the first book in the S. C. Stephens Trilogy. First we meet Kiera Allen the self doubting beauty whose about to do more growing up than she knew she had to. Embarking on a new journey with Denny Harris her dreamy aussie boyfriend to Seattle in pursuit of his career, and taking on her own challenge of a top university.

It’s not until their first night in Seattle that Kiera meets Kellan Kyle, D-Bag front man and all round rock god, Denny’s long-standing friend and new room-mate. Straight away Kiera is faced with the full on beauty and depth that is Kellan Kyle, on stage bringing all the women in the crowd to their knees with his voice and body. He engages his soul into his words and locks eyes with Kiera…….

Kellan Kyle and his charismatic character makes me want to *roll my eyes* and say whatever……….that lasts all of three seconds, he pulls you into his talent energy and pain all in the same breath.  Kiera’s innocence is laid out from the beginning, It’s all mapped out for her and Denny. Her character made me want slap her around a bit, In aid of making her get a grip. She lacks the ability to make a decision she will stick too.  Pain, struggle the difference between want and need………everything she is you grow to love her.

Passionately written, betrayal will never be a comfortable subject. Thoughtless……is exactly what you will be reading this book, you will lose yourself. You’ll feel the heat right off the page and be sweep along for the journey, you’ll feel it all, I dare you to try to put it down.

“Thoughtless, I placed my free hand upon his cheek and wiped a tear away with my thumb. Instantly I knew it was a mistake…….”

Available as Paperback:

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Internet Domain Registration Review

So you need to buy a domain name be it / .com / .eu or maybe a new .pro domain, well many companies out there will charge you through the nose for your domains especially hosting companies they can charge up to £15 a year for a domain you could get as low as £3.49 a year through 123-reg


I personally always end up buying lots of domain names with great intentions of later sticking a great site on there but often this never happens and the renewal costs start to certainly build up once you have 40 plus domains.

123-reg Though offers you the chance to do this with its low price domains and often great offers with half price domains and I have bought many for as little as 99p before which you can’t turn your nose up at.

I personally now mainly stick to .com and as its costly business owning all the variations and with new domain extensions constantly being released onto the market its hard to know where to call it a day.

Keeping all your domains with 1 place is something I personally always like so I keep almost all my domain renewals with 123-reg and then your able to print off a list of all your domains with renewal dates and keep track of whats happening.

As hopefully you will have read my HostPapa review which told you about great priced domain hosting based in the UK, well using these 2 companies for hosting and domain renewal you can keep your website costs down to a minimal amount allowing money to be spent on website templates etc.

My advice would be that you keep an eye on auto-renewals with all companies these days though as they tend to like to set auto-renew as its default and me personally I would rather go in manually on a lot of my services as I often decide the next year I no longer need that domain name or a certain hosting service.

You wont be let down using 123-reg and I think you will find they are great value for all the services they offer, I have now been using them for around 5 years and plan to stay with them for many years to come as fast, cheap prices and easy site to use and work with.

Next week I will put up some posts for great template sites to help get your site looking fancy and professional even if my own sites

Thanks for popping by to have a read and catch you all again soon.

domain names

Best Web hosting Company I have Used in the UK

Well I thought with the renewal of my web hosting coming up for some of my websites I would write a little review / post about my favorite UK hosting company.

I have tried many different web hosting companies over the years some in the UK and some overseas but I have always liked to keep at least some of my sites on a server in my own country so after trying out a few variations I have stuck upon using HostPapa who have been over the years I have used them very good on pricing and also very helpful with customer support.

I have worked with cheaper companies in the past and thought great few more quid saved in my pocket but with everything in life you always get what you pay for. I think with any hosting company you need to know you can get support when your sites go down through personal error or need to make a primary domain name change and this is why I have stuck with hostpapa the live chat feature on their website allows fast interaction with someone on their end to allow help and support.

The cheapest hosting companies I have been with offered little to no support and in the end I have even had to lose a years hosting costs with other companies to move back to one  I can trust and will support me.

To this date HostPapa has never let me down and my sites have never gone down while using them either which is always nice to know that your be up and online 99% of the time.

I would highly recommend them for price and service and I have renewed again myself for another 3 years feeling safe in the knowledge that im happy to keep my sites there.

I don’t think your be disappointed if you take out your hosting with these guys and girls so with all my reviews im happy to say take a look-see what you think and I think your be pleased with what you find.

If you want to save a few quid long-term I would recommend reading my 123-reg review and purchasing your domains direct from them and just keep the hosting with Hostpapa I personally like this method best and keeps all my domains safe in one place and at the cheapest rate, so check that review out also.

Thanks for reading I did not want to go too in-depth with my review and if your really after reseller packages or VPS hosting then you might tell me you know a better provider but for basic users and hosting they will provide you with all you need to get you up and running and even site builders to get a word press site or online shopping cart up and running fast.

Also there is currently a 2013 special offer running so you can get your hosting for as low as £1.95 per month if you take out a 3 year plan that’s about as low as you could find anywhere, this covers unlimited bandwidth, unlimited add-on domains so get all your sites up and running for one low cost, its a offer that I think is hard to pass up.

Click on the image below to checkout the offer while it lasts.

Hostpapa Deal

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