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Bates Motel TV Show Review – Psycho Movie Prequel

So I have just started watching the new TV show Bates Motel the prequel to the classic 1960’a movie Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock.

I saw the release of this TV show around the same time I also saw that the tv show Hannibal was being released and my first thought was oh not again they are jumping on the bandwagon of classics, but still I had to at least give them a try to see what they where all about right?

So the Bates Motel TV show had me interested right from the start, mother played by “Vera Farmiga” and the son played by “Freddie Highmore” both show their acting skills right from the start and had me wanting to keep watching to see the story unfold.

The story is a little changed from the original film but show the rather odd connection between Norman Bates and his mother Norma Bates who somewhat seems to smother the boy and try to keep him protected away from the world he lives in.

I was a little surprised with the sexual content side of the show in the first episode which almost ruined it for me as I don’t like how far films and TV shows take things these days leaving little for the mind to just work out, but once moving past this the TV show has shown to be a real gem and certainly not let the classic movie down by any means.

All of the actors in the show play great roles and there is no poor acting scenes with a strong back story to it all.

I have now seen 5 episodes of the show and i’m very much looking forward to seeing more watching the interesting story unwind and see how the life and actions of the Bates family change Norman into the character we all know from the film Psycho.

I would give Bates Motel a good 8 out of 10 and certainly would recommend people watching the pilot first episode as already from that you will know if the show is likely to be for you or not.

If you have not seen the film Psycho yet I highly recommend you give this a viewing and below you will find links to the original 1960’s movie and the re-make from 1998.

Enjoy watching and checkout my review coming soon of Hannibal TV Series


Original 1960 Movie Link- Psycho (1960) [DVD]

Re-make from 1998 Link- Psycho [DVD]

Real by Katy Evans Review

A fallen boxer.

A woman with a broken dream.

A competition…

The solid wall of man that is Remington ‘Riptide’ Tate the star of the dangerous underground fighting circuit. He’s a true fighter in every sense of the word, getting over his pass and dealing with the strains of his future for the want and need of Brooke.

Brooke Dumas an injured sprinter and recently qualified in sports rehabilitation, she is hired by Remy to look after him on his boxing tour.

A……maz….ing! I heard good reviews about this book and got as a special on amazon, worth every single penny. The book starts with a really good play list to follow the book. When I’m reading alone I do tend to have music on aswell, its something I’ve always done. But to have a play list before you start reading was brilliant. Armed with my music and new book I was up till the early hours unable to put this book down until I was finished. Beautifully written, passion and pain jumping right off the page a gripping your heart. Both characters will have you squirming in your seat, just amazing!

‘I want to play you a thousand different songs so you get a clue of what….. I feel inside me…’

Dont miss out on this great read buy Real and you will get to enjoy this great story like I did.

Jillian Michaels: 30 Day Shred

Amazing work out DVD from The Biggest Loser’s Jillian Michaels.

The DVD is 3 levels each one comprising a 20 minute workout with increasing intensity , using her 3-2-1 Interval System that combines strength, cardio and abs.

Going by the DVD instructions you do each level for 10 days. After the first 3 days of burn and pain I progressed feeling great and on to Level 2 on day 8 and Level 3 on day 15. Alternating this between the gym, I completed the dvd in 45 days and continued to alternate levels doing two at a time.

Unlike a lot of fitness DVD’s I have done, Jillian is completely motivating and outright hardcore, she will make you feel like you want to hit her to shut her up but you feel nothing but love and burning muscles by the end of the workout.

As nice as it would have been I didn’t lose anywhere near 20lb during this time but definitely lost inches mostly from my waist and tummy. The increase in my fitness levels were amazing and increased my stamina levels in the gym.

Get yourself kicked started with Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred [DVD]

Review of Arbuckles Downham Market


So I thought I would write you up a quick little review of one of my fave route places to eat which would be on the A10 near Downham Market in East Anglia.

Food these days when you eat out is generally very mass produced and often stuck in a microwave with little care or attention gone into the making and presentation of it, but this is something I have to say is not true about this lovely family run restaurant.

With most things in life you get what you pay for and in this case its certainly true the food is truly lovely here I have now been here a good few times and there is a wide range of meals on offer all with very nice attention to detail taken from the garnishing and sides.

Since I first came to this restaurant its expanded offering a large amount more seating which goes to show many people are also enjoying the food here as generally its always very full.

The seating and the decor inside are very nice tasteful and clean very much american diner but suits large to small groups so nice for a couple to tuck away in the corner or a family birthday event on one of the larger tables.

Everything comes across very home made including the coleslaw and burgers with a nice fresh salad on the side.

The Surf and Turf Fajitas come with a great selection of fresh items to add there was little bowls here there and everywhere when they brought the meal out to the table showing you do get your monies worth.

I have yet to go for breakfast and I dont think I have ever managed to fit a pudding in either after being too full from the main meal but im sure I will manage it at some point in the near future.

If your looking for a nice meal out though I do have to recommend Arbuckles I know you wont regret it and the service is very friendly and professional.

If your ever in the area pop along the A10 to PE38 0AD and grab yourself some grub, do book in advance though I would say if your looking to take a larger group.

The Case of the Missing boyfriend by Nick Alexander

Book Review

CC has a high powered job in advertising, a wild bunch of gay friends for plenty of weekend entertainment and a lovely flat. She wants nothing more than the man of her dreams and a farm in the middle of no where and a blissful life. Are horrors of her past preventing her from moving on…….

I’m not sure where to begin with this book. As I do with all books I have high hopes and look forward to enjoying the story and the great feeling that comes with not wanting to put it down. However, that feeling never came. 12 pages in and I wondered if maybe I was being a bit premature and persisted to read on waiting to be captured………..78 pages in and I was slowly losing the will to live. It got to the point where I wanted to nothing more than throw my kindle but this would only depressed me further. Further on and I thought ‘yes!’ its about to get good, then it fell to nothingness yet again. It never seems to get going, we just jump from chapter to chapter with CC’s very annoying character and equally cliché situations , even the brief moments of good in the book are over shadowed by boredom.

Previously listed as the #1 kindle book on Amazon

Why not try one of the other great books reviewed on the site that im sure you will enjoy such as Thoughtless

The Walking Dead Season 3 Final

So it’s here well finished now but the walking dead season 3 finale has been aired and I was truly looking forward to this one.

But I have to say I was really disappointed with the shows 3rd season ending, I was expecting bang bang action action but hmm I just never really saw it.

Don’t get me wrong i still love the walking dead as even though its kind of strayed a long way away from the zombies and more into the human interaction of the two groups of survivors it’s still a great show with some great actors and characters.

I won’t totally spoil it but was certainly one character in the finale that I won’t be missing.

I look forward to seeing where season 4 could take this show and I’m sure I will watch a re-run to see if I’m being unfare with my poor rating.

Once again though great work from all the special effects and makeup artists the zombies look amazing as always great work.

Right well I now need to find a other show to watch like the following I think.

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