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Lenovo X200 won’t boot or charge

Lenovo X200 won’t boot

No lights showing when trying to turn on, no lights while trying to charge.

Using the below solution will normally cure the problem.

Due to laptop not shutting down correctly upon last use.

Follow these steps:

1) Unplug the power cord and the battery.

2) Press the ‘Power’ Button 10 times repeatedly.

3) Then hold the ‘Power’ Button down for 25 seconds.

4) Put the battery back in and plug the power cord back in.

5) Turn on the system.

Fingers crossed should come back to life.

Collide by Gail McHugh Book Review

Following her mother’s death Emily Copper moves to New York after graduating.

She has her boyfriend Dillon Parker, who has helped her through the grief and is waiting for her in New York.

Even hiding his own secrets he knows he cannot live without her by his side, smart, sexy and thoughtful he is everything Emily wanted in a man.

Then there’s Gavin Blake, a rich, sexy, charming notorious playboy. While recovering from his own painful past, he does all that he can to stop Emily from denying their connection and will stop at nothing to win her over.

Emily is forced to question all she has known and make decisions that will break hearts and shatter friendships……

This is definitely not your standard romantic story; it is so much more emotional.

Both POVS’s are portrayed in such a unique way I could not put the book down, sleep was not an option I needed more. Emily’s indecisiveness became an overbearing annoyance but I did eventually warm to her.

She is clearly not weak willed and has had to go through so much in such a short space of time.

Her relationship with Dillon is a controlling one and there are parts you will find yourself able to relate too. Dillon Dillon Dillon arghh…….. You can not help needing to know more about him and just what it is that makes him tick which will feel a little warped but so essential. Gavin will pull all your emotions right out there in a very short space of time. He is by no means perfect but even his crazy actions make sense, this at one point had me questioning what was wrong with me lol.

This book is so well written you do get completely lost in it.
I love and hate cliff hangers in the same breathe, this cliff hanger had me screaming at the book and laughing at the same time already rushed with excitement for the next book, clearly laughing and shouting at 3 am is not the best thing to be doing but completely unavoidable.

Listed as New York Times Bestseller is a completely worthy title to have for this book, it’s truly beautiful and wonderfully written, graphic enough to jump start your imagination……..….anxiously awaiting ‘Pulse’ 10th August 2013.

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