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Inforad M1 Motorbike Speed Camera Detection Review

So being a motorcyclist I heard about these Inforad devices and had seen a couple on friends bikes who told me what they where and I was very interested in adding one onto my own speed demon machine.

Well after a little internet shopping there is an eBay seller posting these things out for as little as £20 delivered so with 1 speeding ticket costing more than this I thought it had to be worth a try.

These devices all come with free lifetime updates and they work by using a GPS database of fixed speed camera’s and regular mobile speed camera zones.

The lifetime updates alone is worth more than the cost of the unit in my opinion as to register for this separate is something like £11.99 a year.

The device has a single mounted LED stalk which needs to be in a good visible area when riding, this LED flashes green while searching for the satellites and once all functional the LED goes solid green to let you know its working.

While riding the unit gives you warnings with solid Red or flashing Red and Green lights to indicate the type of camera approaching and also if your exceeding the speed limit of that camera.

You will get some false so to speak warnings when you’re in an area for mobile checks and there are no police actually there but at least you can be more alert to keep an eye out in area’s where they could park up.

The actual unit sits say under the riders seat and has a fused power cable which should really be connected via relay to a switched live to come on when the bike is turned on, the actual computer part of the device is removed with two thumb screws to allow for USB updates using the provided update program.

The software allows you to choose the country of the database so you can cover abroad trips as well (be careful some countries don’t allow this sort of device), the other part of this system is the Antenna which needs to be mounted in a high position with as little blocking its view to the sky as possible.

The Antenna is where I had a little trouble it took me moving it a couple of times to make the device highly reliable with locking on to the GPS signal, I ended up sitting it on top of the fork yoke’s in the centre.

Overall I think its well worth the money it has warned me of some camera’s that where not so easy to spot allowing me to just make sure my speed is within the correct limits and you can set the warning distance in the software as well.

I think for the sake of a few pints in the pub this device is well worthwhile and I would recommend it to add to your on board devices.

Check out the Inforad Website

Ride Safe and Remember Speed Camera’s are there for a reason so stick to the limit’s


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