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Dexter Season Finale – Dexter TV Series Review

So sadly that time has come Dexter has finished, the last episode was on last sunday to complete season 8  and what a finale it was.

Dexter by far has been one of my favorite tv shows that’s ever been made, it had its ups and downs with a couple of seasons not being as exciting as others but with seasons like the Trinity killer season it was always a brilliant story and all the parts played by great actors.

I pick most of my tv shows to watch using the top shows section on IMDB and when reading about Dexter I have to say I never felt interested by the shows plot, boy was I wrong.

So 8 seasons in and the Finale was superb I really liked the way they ended the entire show, I don’t wish to spoil it for people who have yet to see it but it was not quite as I would have expected and was a little sad to be fair.

I will sadly miss watching Dexter but may have to break the Dexter – Complete Season 1-8 [DVD] box set back out in a couple of months and start the whole thing over again.

Dont pass up this great show it truly is one to watch and always kept me interested to keep following the story, all the characters including Dexter Morgan his sister Deb Morgan are played brilliantly with top class acting which I think pretty much is why the show has scored so well.

This week is the Finale to Breaking Bad which im also looking forward to seeing how it turns out but will miss watching each week.

Tv Shows can be far better than any film when you come across a brilliant one like Dexter so have a look and why not jump in with the box sets.


Killswitch Engage – Disarm the Descent Album Review

So it’s finally here the new Killswitch Engage album entitled “Disarm the Descent”, with Howard Jones leaving the band in 2012 I was really sad thinking that’s it bands over.

Howard Jones is a fantastic singer and I think he really took Killswitch Engage forward after Jesse left, the band went on to release some brilliant metal songs and albums such as “The End of Heartache” which was one of my faves.

I started to listen to the new band Times of Grace which I felt was a way for the super talented Adam Dutkiewicz to release some new material that never really fitted in with Killswitch current sound, Times of Graced music was good but still felt it did not compare to Killswitch’s slightly heavier sound.

So with the news that Jesse Leach was returning to be the lead singer in Killswitch I kinda felt that their best days where over, no offence intended to Jesse he is great but I felt Howard had a better vocal range.

Upon hearing the new album “Disarm the Descent” I was utterly surprised straight away how good it was, the songs had brilliant guitar riffs from the talented Adam Dutkiewicz, and the mix of hardcore vocals from Jesse Leach and softer melodic tone once again from Adam made this album jump out at me.

I have been listening to it a lot and I have to say it’s really good and im very impressed with it, great work guys im looking forward to hearing some more content from you in the future and also hope to see you touring the UK as I would love to come to a show.

If you love Killswitch and have not bought this album yet you are missing out get out there and Buy It – Disarm The Descent (Special Edition)

Im also really looking forward to hearing the new band “Devil You Know” with the former lead singer Howard Jones on lead vocal once again.


New iOS 7 problems, no iMessage

So finally took the plunge today and moved over to the new apple software ios7 on my iPhone 4S, never loved the look of it after the update which took I would say around 30mins to download and install.

Since then I have found only the newer iPhone 5 users get the function of the new send a chick your dick pic function or AirDrop as Apple call it.

Seems to generally be working ok but my moan is iMessage it won’t activate keeps sitting there saying waiting for activation.

You can get it to activate and work I found anyway by allowing it to use one of my email addresses and then the friend gets a message stating it’s come from your email address rather than your phone number.

I’m guessing people will find many more glitches and does make me think hmm should I have waited?

I never like software in its Beta stages prefer to wait for a solid release but hopefully (touch wood) there won’t be too many problems.

Still where is my iMessage grrrrr


New Robocop Movie Trailer

So I don’t know if you have all seen it yet but the new Robocop trailer is out to be seen on Imdb.

I was a little annoyed when they decided to remake Robocop but after watching the new trailer I will say it looks pretty impressive.

The film is due out in 2014 so its a little way off but with a good cast on board including Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton and Samuel L. Jackson we  should be in for some top class acting.

The movie does not look to replicate the original completely and is much more modern with what looks to be some impressive special effects and police officer Murphey being turned into half man half machine after a different incident.

The Robocop suit has been updated and although I love the original this version looks very cool with a black version and a Nightrider style visor and a more slick look to it.

The original Robocop films had a big element of cheese to them and I’m guessing this will now be gone so not sure if I will miss that part of the movies but I certainly like the look of Robocop’s new motorbike.

I cant wait to see the movie and all I know is “Dead or Alive your coming with me”

Bursting Beetle YouTube Channel

Hello all just a quick little post to tell everyone that Bursting Beetle now has a YouTube channel, soon we will be releasing video reviews for those that like a little audio and visual.

The link will soon be available on the site to the channel so keep checking back.

Travelodge Skeeby Review

So Travelodge I’m sure most of you will have stayed in one before at some point in your lives, well I have only stayed in them once before and this weekend was my second experience.

My first experience of Travelodge was so bad it put us off using them again, the first time the rooms where dirty with bathrooms looking like they had never been cleaned, loud sex from the room next door at 9pm and no working heating.

Well on a journey up to Scotland we needed a mid stop off point to break the journey up and first choice is normally premier inn but this time Travelodge location was better, so booked up and for £31 thought can’t go wrong.

The lodge at Skeeby looks fine from the outside but inside tells another story, I think all Travelodge buildings are like an old premier inn that was forgotten about and never maintained.

Holes in the wall, cut off wires to the towel rail and a welcome telling us not to expect too much from our stay.

The room was alright and to be fair for £31 I would not turn it down again but looking at our return home journey they wanted £103 for the same room which is crazy, I don’t know why Travelodge don’t seem to look after the upkeep of their buildings and rooms when they still wish to charge over a hundred pounds on weekend nights.

If I was paying over a hundred I would expect a few luxuries from my stay like on site restaurant or bar etc.

I can safely say I won’t be looking to book with a Travelodge again in the future and would never recommend them either, premier inn on the other hand have never let me down so far and still offer great priced rooms with advanced bookings.

If anyone from Travelodge reads this I would love to hear some views and reasons on the lack of upkeep on the rooms.

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