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Jodi Ellen Malpas – Author Review

Author Review

Jodi Ellen Malpas born and raised in the Midlands exploded on to the self publishing scene in October 2012 with ‘This Man’, after just two months she left her day job at her father’s construction business to concentrate on her writing career. January 2013 saw the second slice in the trilogy ‘Beneath This Man’ and the third ‘This Man Confessed’ in July 2013, all of which have held #1 chart position in their genre on Amazon UK.

Jodi Ellen Malpas where do I even begin, so many words have been used to describe Mrs Malpas ‘extraordinary’, ‘remarkable’, ‘outstanding’……..all of them are fitting and so worthy her writing is truly beautiful. The trilogy follows the exploits of a handsome lord of the manor Jesse Ward and a young interior designer Ava O’Shea brought in to work on the property. When I was pointed in the direction the first of what I can only describe as the epic ‘This Man’ trilogy, I was completely blown away within the first few pages. I read the first book in one day and the same with the second, then the wait for the third drove me to distraction but my god it was worth the wait.

Having brought ‘This Man Confessed’ the day it came out, I was nearly two weeks before I began reading it. Completely ridiculous I know, the five month wait meant my mind was constantly occupied with ‘The Lord’ and a lot of re-reading during that time. Why did I wait? It’s like I needed to be in the right frame of mind to start. Finally starting I continued my scale of delirium reading a few pages a day taking me nearly three weeks to complete the book. Seeing as I can easily read a book in a day (life permitting of course), I lingered for as long as my sanity would allow. I just didn’t want it to end.

All books come with amazing playlists definitely worth adding to the collect and have a good read.

Let the trampling commence……………

Excerpt from This Man
Big Guy, or John as I now know him, moves to the side, giving me my first glimpse of Mr Jesse Ward.
Oh good God. My heart crashes against my breastbone and my nervous breathing rockets to dangerous levels. I suddenly feel light-headed, and my mouth is ignoring my brain’s instruction to say something.
I just stand there staring at this man, while he stares back at me. His husky voice halted me in my tracks, but the sight of him…the sight of him has just turned me into a non-responsive, quivering wreck.
He rises from his chair and my gaze travels up with him. He’s very tall. His white shirt is casually rolled at the sleeves, but he still wears a black tie, loosely knotted and hanging down the front of a broad chest.

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All three books available on kindle now

This Man (This Man Trilogy)

Beneath This Man

This Man Confessed (This Man Trilogy)

Paperback UK Launch
This Man – 10th October
Beneath This Man – 24th October
This Man Confessed – 5th December


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