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The Last Of Us Remastered PS4 Review

So I got my PS4 about 3 weeks ago now when my old console broke, so figured now was a good time to trade in all my old games and upgrade to a next Gen console.

My console came with Watch Dogs (PS4) and Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS4) which was not bad to get me started but having already completed ghosts on my old xbox 360 apart from the fresh new graphics not much had changed there.

Watch Dogs was a bit of a let down I found after being a big GTA 5 fan.

So I knew nothing of The Last of Us Remastered (PS4) but I see it had won 200 game of the year awards and so I thought this has to be a worthwhile game to get and boy was it true.

I ordered the game and got the day 1 edition of the game which came with a couple of early upgrade perks such as faster crafting of items and few small weapons mods, I dont think this added much to the game.

Today is a very sad day though as today I completed the game and I have to say I never wanted it to end, Naughty Dog made this game truly make you feel like your in a movie and to really feel for the characters, the story which I dont normally care for too much in a game is amazing in this game. You truly care for the characters and want to always see what is ahead for them.

With a nice choice of weapons including pistols, hunting rifle, archers bow, shotgun and a flame thrower there are great guns to help you battle the evil left in the world. Joel has a great range of items he can also craft by collecting the needed components including med packs, nail bombs, Molotov, smoke bombs and shiv’s to aid you along.

The first 10 mins of the game had me like WOW no way.

The graphics on the PS4 are crisp and everywhere you look the trees and surroundings look superb, the game gives you a sense of choice while playing through each scene whether you play it cool and stalk the enemy to conserve supplies or whether you go guns blazing and gun them down.

It has nice little touches like the need to shake the controller when the torch flickers along with some in game sounds and voices coming out the controller speaker.

I really grew fond of Joel and Ellie as characters and really wish I still had more game to play, the range of enemies is great from clickers to runners to military soldiers to fight against.

I would advise without question if you have never seen or heard of this game then its a real must have game for anyone out there to play through, even at paying top dollar for day one release I dont feel like I wasted a penny.

I would rate the game 10/10 and I dont think I have rated anything that high before.

There is a left behind side game I now have to play which I dont believe was in the original PS3 version so I will give that a go as well as try the online mode.

Click the link below to check this game out and I truly hope you get into it as much as I did.

Check it Out


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