So finally took the plunge today and moved over to the new apple software ios7 on my iPhone 4S, never loved the look of it after the update which took I would say around 30mins to download and install.

Since then I have found only the newer iPhone 5 users get the function of the new send a chick your dick pic function or AirDrop as Apple call it.

Seems to generally be working ok but my moan is iMessage it won’t activate keeps sitting there saying waiting for activation.

You can get it to activate and work I found anyway by allowing it to use one of my email addresses and then the friend gets a message stating it’s come from your email address rather than your phone number.

I’m guessing people will find many more glitches and does make me think hmm should I have waited?

I never like software in its Beta stages prefer to wait for a solid release but hopefully (touch wood) there won’t be too many problems.

Still where is my iMessage grrrrr


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