Dexter Season Finale – Dexter TV Series Review

So sadly that time has come Dexter has finished, the last episode was on last sunday to complete season 8  and what a finale it was.

Dexter by far has been one of my favorite tv shows that’s ever been made, it had its ups and downs with a couple of seasons not being as exciting as others but with seasons like the Trinity killer season it was always a brilliant story and all the parts played by great actors.

I pick most of my tv shows to watch using the top shows section on IMDB and when reading about Dexter I have to say I never felt interested by the shows plot, boy was I wrong.

So 8 seasons in and the Finale was superb I really liked the way they ended the entire show, I don’t wish to spoil it for people who have yet to see it but it was not quite as I would have expected and was a little sad to be fair.

I will sadly miss watching Dexter but may have to break the Dexter – Complete Season 1-8 [DVD] box set back out in a couple of months and start the whole thing over again.

Dont pass up this great show it truly is one to watch and always kept me interested to keep following the story, all the characters including Dexter Morgan his sister Deb Morgan are played brilliantly with top class acting which I think pretty much is why the show has scored so well.

This week is the Finale to Breaking Bad which im also looking forward to seeing how it turns out but will miss watching each week.

Tv Shows can be far better than any film when you come across a brilliant one like Dexter so have a look and why not jump in with the box sets.


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