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Tiberius EP Review – UK Melodic Tech-Metal Band

New Tiberius Self Titled EP

This is a quick review of a new band I came across called Tiberius who have just released a self titled EP in late 2015 which they class as melodic tech-metal and where formed in Edinburgh UK.

Being a keen Metal and Rock fan of all different types I thought I would give them a listen and see what I thought of the riffs and vocals as I struggle to keep coming up with new bands to listen to.

From being a beginnerguitarist since I have not had the time to practice in a long while im always first drawn to the style of riffs and rhythm played when I listen to a song and straight in with Counting sheep I liked the use of cords and little riffs played here especically at the start of the song, there are 4 songs to checkout all of which are listed below and also they have a facebook page and youtube channel which I have linked to for you to look at.

I need to listen to the songs more as quite often it takes me a while to really get a taste for a band especially if they have a unique sound, Korn took me a little while to get a taste for and also Devil Driver but now im a big fan of both.

The EP comes with 4 songs

1) Vultures
2) Owls and Hexcodes
3) Counting Sheep
4) Sermon Engine

I would say the vocals could be compared a little to that of say Coheed and Cambria with a fairly high vocal range rather than a deep dirty metal tone that I would often listen to from many 80’s metal songs, but this is not to say that its not nice to have a change once in a while for variety.

All the songs are set to a pretty fast tempo with Counting Sheep probably being my fave, I do like a little repetitive guitar riff that moves up an octave and then back down again and counting sheep has a cool little melodic riff towards the start.

I think if your into metal and melodic metal this band is well worth a listen, being at such an early stage in their music career I think they have potential and would be cool to see them in a local venue at some point in the future.

If you fancy a listen Check out the EP HERE

Tiberius are

Grant Barclay – Vocals and lyrics
Jahan Tabrizi – Guitar
Chris Foster – Guitar
Gerald Chau – Bass
Stewart McLachlan – Drums

Additional Vocals – Kirsty Robb

Youtube Channel

Facebook Page

I wish these guys good luck and hope you will all show your support for a new UK band by going and checking them out.

The Last Of Us Remastered PS4 Review

So I got my PS4 about 3 weeks ago now when my old console broke, so figured now was a good time to trade in all my old games and upgrade to a next Gen console.

My console came with Watch Dogs (PS4) and Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS4) which was not bad to get me started but having already completed ghosts on my old xbox 360 apart from the fresh new graphics not much had changed there.

Watch Dogs was a bit of a let down I found after being a big GTA 5 fan.

So I knew nothing of The Last of Us Remastered (PS4) but I see it had won 200 game of the year awards and so I thought this has to be a worthwhile game to get and boy was it true.

I ordered the game and got the day 1 edition of the game which came with a couple of early upgrade perks such as faster crafting of items and few small weapons mods, I dont think this added much to the game.

Today is a very sad day though as today I completed the game and I have to say I never wanted it to end, Naughty Dog made this game truly make you feel like your in a movie and to really feel for the characters, the story which I dont normally care for too much in a game is amazing in this game. You truly care for the characters and want to always see what is ahead for them.

With a nice choice of weapons including pistols, hunting rifle, archers bow, shotgun and a flame thrower there are great guns to help you battle the evil left in the world. Joel has a great range of items he can also craft by collecting the needed components including med packs, nail bombs, Molotov, smoke bombs and shiv’s to aid you along.

The first 10 mins of the game had me like WOW no way.

The graphics on the PS4 are crisp and everywhere you look the trees and surroundings look superb, the game gives you a sense of choice while playing through each scene whether you play it cool and stalk the enemy to conserve supplies or whether you go guns blazing and gun them down.

It has nice little touches like the need to shake the controller when the torch flickers along with some in game sounds and voices coming out the controller speaker.

I really grew fond of Joel and Ellie as characters and really wish I still had more game to play, the range of enemies is great from clickers to runners to military soldiers to fight against.

I would advise without question if you have never seen or heard of this game then its a real must have game for anyone out there to play through, even at paying top dollar for day one release I dont feel like I wasted a penny.

I would rate the game 10/10 and I dont think I have rated anything that high before.

There is a left behind side game I now have to play which I dont believe was in the original PS3 version so I will give that a go as well as try the online mode.

Click the link below to check this game out and I truly hope you get into it as much as I did.

Check it Out


Carrie 2013 Movie Review

Based on the best selling novel by Stephen King and a remake of the old classic movie Carrie 2013 brings the movie to the screen with the help of modern special effects.

So what was the movie like, well I have seen alot of movies lately that where a real let down and although Carrie 2013 is not a 10 out of 10 movie its certainly very enjoyable to watch and makes great use of modern special effects.

Coming from Stephen Kings mind its always due to be a great story but with a good casting of Chloe Grace Moretz as Carrie it brings a real feel for the character, im a big fan of Chloe Grace Moretz she is a great young actor who already has brought us many brilliant movies such as Kick-Ass 1 and Kick-Ass 2 as Hit Girl and also Let Me In another brilliant remake movie.

Im happy to say im not usually a fan of remakes, sometimes I think movies should just be left alone but with all the advances in technology the special effects used to show off Carrie’s powers it really adds some wow to the film and helps you think good on the girl.

Julianne Moore does a great job of the playing the mother Margaret White and adds some real deph to the story.

With all the movies out lately I would certainly say this is well worth a watch and I my final rating of the film would probably be 7 out of 10.

I think the ending could have been a little better but I really did love the whole Prom scene was really well done and I would watch this film again and buy the dvd.

Im sure with most films many book fans will say it does not live up to the Stephen King book but the big screen cant always match our own imagination.

Enjoy and Catch you for another movie review soon.

Jodi Ellen Malpas – Author Review

Author Review

Jodi Ellen Malpas born and raised in the Midlands exploded on to the self publishing scene in October 2012 with ‘This Man’, after just two months she left her day job at her father’s construction business to concentrate on her writing career. January 2013 saw the second slice in the trilogy ‘Beneath This Man’ and the third ‘This Man Confessed’ in July 2013, all of which have held #1 chart position in their genre on Amazon UK.

Jodi Ellen Malpas where do I even begin, so many words have been used to describe Mrs Malpas ‘extraordinary’, ‘remarkable’, ‘outstanding’……..all of them are fitting and so worthy her writing is truly beautiful. The trilogy follows the exploits of a handsome lord of the manor Jesse Ward and a young interior designer Ava O’Shea brought in to work on the property. When I was pointed in the direction the first of what I can only describe as the epic ‘This Man’ trilogy, I was completely blown away within the first few pages. I read the first book in one day and the same with the second, then the wait for the third drove me to distraction but my god it was worth the wait.

Having brought ‘This Man Confessed’ the day it came out, I was nearly two weeks before I began reading it. Completely ridiculous I know, the five month wait meant my mind was constantly occupied with ‘The Lord’ and a lot of re-reading during that time. Why did I wait? It’s like I needed to be in the right frame of mind to start. Finally starting I continued my scale of delirium reading a few pages a day taking me nearly three weeks to complete the book. Seeing as I can easily read a book in a day (life permitting of course), I lingered for as long as my sanity would allow. I just didn’t want it to end.

All books come with amazing playlists definitely worth adding to the collect and have a good read.

Let the trampling commence……………

Excerpt from This Man
Big Guy, or John as I now know him, moves to the side, giving me my first glimpse of Mr Jesse Ward.
Oh good God. My heart crashes against my breastbone and my nervous breathing rockets to dangerous levels. I suddenly feel light-headed, and my mouth is ignoring my brain’s instruction to say something.
I just stand there staring at this man, while he stares back at me. His husky voice halted me in my tracks, but the sight of him…the sight of him has just turned me into a non-responsive, quivering wreck.
He rises from his chair and my gaze travels up with him. He’s very tall. His white shirt is casually rolled at the sleeves, but he still wears a black tie, loosely knotted and hanging down the front of a broad chest.

Keep up to date with Ms Malpas on Facebook and Her own site

All three books available on kindle now

This Man (This Man Trilogy)

Beneath This Man

This Man Confessed (This Man Trilogy)

Paperback UK Launch
This Man – 10th October
Beneath This Man – 24th October
This Man Confessed – 5th December


Dexter Season Finale – Dexter TV Series Review

So sadly that time has come Dexter has finished, the last episode was on last sunday to complete season 8  and what a finale it was.

Dexter by far has been one of my favorite tv shows that’s ever been made, it had its ups and downs with a couple of seasons not being as exciting as others but with seasons like the Trinity killer season it was always a brilliant story and all the parts played by great actors.

I pick most of my tv shows to watch using the top shows section on IMDB and when reading about Dexter I have to say I never felt interested by the shows plot, boy was I wrong.

So 8 seasons in and the Finale was superb I really liked the way they ended the entire show, I don’t wish to spoil it for people who have yet to see it but it was not quite as I would have expected and was a little sad to be fair.

I will sadly miss watching Dexter but may have to break the Dexter – Complete Season 1-8 [DVD] box set back out in a couple of months and start the whole thing over again.

Dont pass up this great show it truly is one to watch and always kept me interested to keep following the story, all the characters including Dexter Morgan his sister Deb Morgan are played brilliantly with top class acting which I think pretty much is why the show has scored so well.

This week is the Finale to Breaking Bad which im also looking forward to seeing how it turns out but will miss watching each week.

Tv Shows can be far better than any film when you come across a brilliant one like Dexter so have a look and why not jump in with the box sets.


Killswitch Engage – Disarm the Descent Album Review

So it’s finally here the new Killswitch Engage album entitled “Disarm the Descent”, with Howard Jones leaving the band in 2012 I was really sad thinking that’s it bands over.

Howard Jones is a fantastic singer and I think he really took Killswitch Engage forward after Jesse left, the band went on to release some brilliant metal songs and albums such as “The End of Heartache” which was one of my faves.

I started to listen to the new band Times of Grace which I felt was a way for the super talented Adam Dutkiewicz to release some new material that never really fitted in with Killswitch current sound, Times of Graced music was good but still felt it did not compare to Killswitch’s slightly heavier sound.

So with the news that Jesse Leach was returning to be the lead singer in Killswitch I kinda felt that their best days where over, no offence intended to Jesse he is great but I felt Howard had a better vocal range.

Upon hearing the new album “Disarm the Descent” I was utterly surprised straight away how good it was, the songs had brilliant guitar riffs from the talented Adam Dutkiewicz, and the mix of hardcore vocals from Jesse Leach and softer melodic tone once again from Adam made this album jump out at me.

I have been listening to it a lot and I have to say it’s really good and im very impressed with it, great work guys im looking forward to hearing some more content from you in the future and also hope to see you touring the UK as I would love to come to a show.

If you love Killswitch and have not bought this album yet you are missing out get out there and Buy It – Disarm The Descent (Special Edition)

Im also really looking forward to hearing the new band “Devil You Know” with the former lead singer Howard Jones on lead vocal once again.


New iOS 7 problems, no iMessage

So finally took the plunge today and moved over to the new apple software ios7 on my iPhone 4S, never loved the look of it after the update which took I would say around 30mins to download and install.

Since then I have found only the newer iPhone 5 users get the function of the new send a chick your dick pic function or AirDrop as Apple call it.

Seems to generally be working ok but my moan is iMessage it won’t activate keeps sitting there saying waiting for activation.

You can get it to activate and work I found anyway by allowing it to use one of my email addresses and then the friend gets a message stating it’s come from your email address rather than your phone number.

I’m guessing people will find many more glitches and does make me think hmm should I have waited?

I never like software in its Beta stages prefer to wait for a solid release but hopefully (touch wood) there won’t be too many problems.

Still where is my iMessage grrrrr


New Robocop Movie Trailer

So I don’t know if you have all seen it yet but the new Robocop trailer is out to be seen on Imdb.

I was a little annoyed when they decided to remake Robocop but after watching the new trailer I will say it looks pretty impressive.

The film is due out in 2014 so its a little way off but with a good cast on board including Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton and Samuel L. Jackson we  should be in for some top class acting.

The movie does not look to replicate the original completely and is much more modern with what looks to be some impressive special effects and police officer Murphey being turned into half man half machine after a different incident.

The Robocop suit has been updated and although I love the original this version looks very cool with a black version and a Nightrider style visor and a more slick look to it.

The original Robocop films had a big element of cheese to them and I’m guessing this will now be gone so not sure if I will miss that part of the movies but I certainly like the look of Robocop’s new motorbike.

I cant wait to see the movie and all I know is “Dead or Alive your coming with me”

Travelodge Skeeby Review

So Travelodge I’m sure most of you will have stayed in one before at some point in your lives, well I have only stayed in them once before and this weekend was my second experience.

My first experience of Travelodge was so bad it put us off using them again, the first time the rooms where dirty with bathrooms looking like they had never been cleaned, loud sex from the room next door at 9pm and no working heating.

Well on a journey up to Scotland we needed a mid stop off point to break the journey up and first choice is normally premier inn but this time Travelodge location was better, so booked up and for £31 thought can’t go wrong.

The lodge at Skeeby looks fine from the outside but inside tells another story, I think all Travelodge buildings are like an old premier inn that was forgotten about and never maintained.

Holes in the wall, cut off wires to the towel rail and a welcome telling us not to expect too much from our stay.

The room was alright and to be fair for £31 I would not turn it down again but looking at our return home journey they wanted £103 for the same room which is crazy, I don’t know why Travelodge don’t seem to look after the upkeep of their buildings and rooms when they still wish to charge over a hundred pounds on weekend nights.

If I was paying over a hundred I would expect a few luxuries from my stay like on site restaurant or bar etc.

I can safely say I won’t be looking to book with a Travelodge again in the future and would never recommend them either, premier inn on the other hand have never let me down so far and still offer great priced rooms with advanced bookings.

If anyone from Travelodge reads this I would love to hear some views and reasons on the lack of upkeep on the rooms.

Inforad M1 Motorbike Speed Camera Detection Review

So being a motorcyclist I heard about these Inforad devices and had seen a couple on friends bikes who told me what they where and I was very interested in adding one onto my own speed demon machine.

Well after a little internet shopping there is an eBay seller posting these things out for as little as £20 delivered so with 1 speeding ticket costing more than this I thought it had to be worth a try.

These devices all come with free lifetime updates and they work by using a GPS database of fixed speed camera’s and regular mobile speed camera zones.

The lifetime updates alone is worth more than the cost of the unit in my opinion as to register for this separate is something like £11.99 a year.

The device has a single mounted LED stalk which needs to be in a good visible area when riding, this LED flashes green while searching for the satellites and once all functional the LED goes solid green to let you know its working.

While riding the unit gives you warnings with solid Red or flashing Red and Green lights to indicate the type of camera approaching and also if your exceeding the speed limit of that camera.

You will get some false so to speak warnings when you’re in an area for mobile checks and there are no police actually there but at least you can be more alert to keep an eye out in area’s where they could park up.

The actual unit sits say under the riders seat and has a fused power cable which should really be connected via relay to a switched live to come on when the bike is turned on, the actual computer part of the device is removed with two thumb screws to allow for USB updates using the provided update program.

The software allows you to choose the country of the database so you can cover abroad trips as well (be careful some countries don’t allow this sort of device), the other part of this system is the Antenna which needs to be mounted in a high position with as little blocking its view to the sky as possible.

The Antenna is where I had a little trouble it took me moving it a couple of times to make the device highly reliable with locking on to the GPS signal, I ended up sitting it on top of the fork yoke’s in the centre.

Overall I think its well worth the money it has warned me of some camera’s that where not so easy to spot allowing me to just make sure my speed is within the correct limits and you can set the warning distance in the software as well.

I think for the sake of a few pints in the pub this device is well worthwhile and I would recommend it to add to your on board devices.

Check out the Inforad Website

Ride Safe and Remember Speed Camera’s are there for a reason so stick to the limit’s


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