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Clean and Clear Blackhead Scrub Review

So everyone likes to look their best and stay scrubbed up nice and clean for those nights out on the town.

I have always loved facial scrubs to make my face feel fresh as clean so got this clean and clear blackhead facial scrub to give a try and well sadly I was utter let down.

The scrub itself is good with nice beads adding a deep cleaning feel when using it but after three uses every time the next day bad reaction with my skin, red rash type skins and loads of little liquid type spots on my face.

Seems daft but took me three attempts to realise it was the face wash doing it.

I’m actually now using tesco own scrubbing face wash with natural extracts and you might think pfft tesco, but works a treat.

So I could not recommend anyone to buy this I passed it on and it was binned by the next owner also giving feedback of a similar result major spot problems a day or two after.


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