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Hello all just a quick little post to tell everyone that Bursting Beetle now has a YouTube channel, soon we will be releasing video reviews for those that like a little audio and visual.

The link will soon be available on the site to the channel so keep checking back.

Travelodge Skeeby Review

So Travelodge I’m sure most of you will have stayed in one before at some point in your lives, well I have only stayed in them once before and this weekend was my second experience.

My first experience of Travelodge was so bad it put us off using them again, the first time the rooms where dirty with bathrooms looking like they had never been cleaned, loud sex from the room next door at 9pm and no working heating.

Well on a journey up to Scotland we needed a mid stop off point to break the journey up and first choice is normally premier inn but this time Travelodge location was better, so booked up and for £31 thought can’t go wrong.

The lodge at Skeeby looks fine from the outside but inside tells another story, I think all Travelodge buildings are like an old premier inn that was forgotten about and never maintained.

Holes in the wall, cut off wires to the towel rail and a welcome telling us not to expect too much from our stay.

The room was alright and to be fair for £31 I would not turn it down again but looking at our return home journey they wanted £103 for the same room which is crazy, I don’t know why Travelodge don’t seem to look after the upkeep of their buildings and rooms when they still wish to charge over a hundred pounds on weekend nights.

If I was paying over a hundred I would expect a few luxuries from my stay like on site restaurant or bar etc.

I can safely say I won’t be looking to book with a Travelodge again in the future and would never recommend them either, premier inn on the other hand have never let me down so far and still offer great priced rooms with advanced bookings.

If anyone from Travelodge reads this I would love to hear some views and reasons on the lack of upkeep on the rooms.

Inforad M1 Motorbike Speed Camera Detection Review

So being a motorcyclist I heard about these Inforad devices and had seen a couple on friends bikes who told me what they where and I was very interested in adding one onto my own speed demon machine.

Well after a little internet shopping there is an eBay seller posting these things out for as little as £20 delivered so with 1 speeding ticket costing more than this I thought it had to be worth a try.

These devices all come with free lifetime updates and they work by using a GPS database of fixed speed camera’s and regular mobile speed camera zones.

The lifetime updates alone is worth more than the cost of the unit in my opinion as to register for this separate is something like £11.99 a year.

The device has a single mounted LED stalk which needs to be in a good visible area when riding, this LED flashes green while searching for the satellites and once all functional the LED goes solid green to let you know its working.

While riding the unit gives you warnings with solid Red or flashing Red and Green lights to indicate the type of camera approaching and also if your exceeding the speed limit of that camera.

You will get some false so to speak warnings when you’re in an area for mobile checks and there are no police actually there but at least you can be more alert to keep an eye out in area’s where they could park up.

The actual unit sits say under the riders seat and has a fused power cable which should really be connected via relay to a switched live to come on when the bike is turned on, the actual computer part of the device is removed with two thumb screws to allow for USB updates using the provided update program.

The software allows you to choose the country of the database so you can cover abroad trips as well (be careful some countries don’t allow this sort of device), the other part of this system is the Antenna which needs to be mounted in a high position with as little blocking its view to the sky as possible.

The Antenna is where I had a little trouble it took me moving it a couple of times to make the device highly reliable with locking on to the GPS signal, I ended up sitting it on top of the fork yoke’s in the centre.

Overall I think its well worth the money it has warned me of some camera’s that where not so easy to spot allowing me to just make sure my speed is within the correct limits and you can set the warning distance in the software as well.

I think for the sake of a few pints in the pub this device is well worthwhile and I would recommend it to add to your on board devices.

Check out the Inforad Website

Ride Safe and Remember Speed Camera’s are there for a reason so stick to the limit’s


Winelodge Hotel Lowestoft Review

So thought a night away was in order as its been a while and I do like to travel and explore all places so wanted to try the East coast of England.

While looking for cheap last minute hotel deals I kept getting results for a new place I had never seen Winelodge hotel rooms.

These rooms where next to the Winelodge bar / nightclub or behind the Winelodge bar / canteen.

Generally I like to stay in a premier inn as often had the best experiences with these and never really been let down but I’m all up for trying new places.

So in Lowestoft there are 2 Winelodge locations looking very similar to a Wetherspoon’s pub was my first thought but images of the room’s looked nice and prices decent.

It said there was 50 parking spaces outside the main location you could park at and yep no problem got a space although I would guess more like 20-30 spaces looking at it.

Bar all looked nice and all was modern and tidy, was told we where down the road at the second location which was literally 1 minute walk down the road at a smaller Winelodge bar and canteen.

The rooms where round the back and it felt a little like you where waking into the kitchen or bins area going up to find the room.

Rooms where nice and modern and simple though so no complaints with a nice size shower.

The sink on the other hand hmm had a shelf right above it and was so small you could not really use it mainly due to the shelf location.

Bed was comfy and nice had good tv and tea coffee Ect so all good there.

Main problem was its location on one of the hottest weeks for years had to shut all the windows as noise coming from the street woke us up a fair few times as its right on a roundabout and side road.

Had food and drinks in both locations very similar indeed to Wetherspoon’s with the drinks just being a little more on the expensive side.

I will say breakfast was very good and the chef at the bar and canteen deserves a pay rise as he seemed to have to run it all by himself while we where there and was nice bloke making a nice breakfast.

Overall I don’t think I would stay again at a Winelodge due to the noise situation and I wonder what it would’ve been like staying at the nightclub rooms up the road.

Overall if your looking for just a cheap room you can get them for around £50 with breakfast but I think for a little more the premier inn is a little more professional and higher quality.

The Pineapple Mai Tai cocktail was tasty though!

Iron Maiden – The Trooper by Robinsons Brewery

The Trooper Beer by Robinsons Brewery.

So as a big iron maiden fan (^up the irons^), i was really looking forward to buying and trying some of the new trooper beer which was made and brewed at the Robinsons brewery with the input and help from lead singer Bruce Dickinson who is a big real ale fan.

It’s taken me a while to find some for sale as was a large demand for it early on but my local beer shop finally got some in and i bought 4 bottles to taste.

First thing I will say is I love the bottle the labels are all brilliant and look top notch.

Unsure of how it would taste I opened my first bottle and poured slowly into a pint glass.

It has a very dark colour and texture and upon first taste I was pleased to report it was actually pretty good nice bold flavour and a kind of thick strong aroma to it.

I will be keeping one bottle sealed as a collectors bottle but I would certainly buy more to drink in the future.

I’m not sure it would ever become my first choice and I think Stella for me still wins as a beer of choice, but cider I have to say is my overall top choice in alcoholic drinks.

I will be buying some more and I would certainly say give it a try I don’t think you will be let down with its fruity zesty flavour.

Thumbs up to maiden great drink for a amazing band.


Lenovo X200 won’t boot or charge

Lenovo X200 won’t boot

No lights showing when trying to turn on, no lights while trying to charge.

Using the below solution will normally cure the problem.

Due to laptop not shutting down correctly upon last use.

Follow these steps:

1) Unplug the power cord and the battery.

2) Press the ‘Power’ Button 10 times repeatedly.

3) Then hold the ‘Power’ Button down for 25 seconds.

4) Put the battery back in and plug the power cord back in.

5) Turn on the system.

Fingers crossed should come back to life.

Collide by Gail McHugh Book Review

Following her mother’s death Emily Copper moves to New York after graduating.

She has her boyfriend Dillon Parker, who has helped her through the grief and is waiting for her in New York.

Even hiding his own secrets he knows he cannot live without her by his side, smart, sexy and thoughtful he is everything Emily wanted in a man.

Then there’s Gavin Blake, a rich, sexy, charming notorious playboy. While recovering from his own painful past, he does all that he can to stop Emily from denying their connection and will stop at nothing to win her over.

Emily is forced to question all she has known and make decisions that will break hearts and shatter friendships……

This is definitely not your standard romantic story; it is so much more emotional.

Both POVS’s are portrayed in such a unique way I could not put the book down, sleep was not an option I needed more. Emily’s indecisiveness became an overbearing annoyance but I did eventually warm to her.

She is clearly not weak willed and has had to go through so much in such a short space of time.

Her relationship with Dillon is a controlling one and there are parts you will find yourself able to relate too. Dillon Dillon Dillon arghh…….. You can not help needing to know more about him and just what it is that makes him tick which will feel a little warped but so essential. Gavin will pull all your emotions right out there in a very short space of time. He is by no means perfect but even his crazy actions make sense, this at one point had me questioning what was wrong with me lol.

This book is so well written you do get completely lost in it.
I love and hate cliff hangers in the same breathe, this cliff hanger had me screaming at the book and laughing at the same time already rushed with excitement for the next book, clearly laughing and shouting at 3 am is not the best thing to be doing but completely unavoidable.

Listed as New York Times Bestseller is a completely worthy title to have for this book, it’s truly beautiful and wonderfully written, graphic enough to jump start your imagination……..….anxiously awaiting ‘Pulse’ 10th August 2013.

Buy Your Copy Now!

Clean and Clear Blackhead Scrub Review

So everyone likes to look their best and stay scrubbed up nice and clean for those nights out on the town.

I have always loved facial scrubs to make my face feel fresh as clean so got this clean and clear blackhead facial scrub to give a try and well sadly I was utter let down.

The scrub itself is good with nice beads adding a deep cleaning feel when using it but after three uses every time the next day bad reaction with my skin, red rash type skins and loads of little liquid type spots on my face.

Seems daft but took me three attempts to realise it was the face wash doing it.

I’m actually now using tesco own scrubbing face wash with natural extracts and you might think pfft tesco, but works a treat.

So I could not recommend anyone to buy this I passed it on and it was binned by the next owner also giving feedback of a similar result major spot problems a day or two after.


What would you like Bursting Beetle to Review more of?

Bates Motel TV Show Review – Psycho Movie Prequel

So I have just started watching the new TV show Bates Motel the prequel to the classic 1960’a movie Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock.

I saw the release of this TV show around the same time I also saw that the tv show Hannibal was being released and my first thought was oh not again they are jumping on the bandwagon of classics, but still I had to at least give them a try to see what they where all about right?

So the Bates Motel TV show had me interested right from the start, mother played by “Vera Farmiga” and the son played by “Freddie Highmore” both show their acting skills right from the start and had me wanting to keep watching to see the story unfold.

The story is a little changed from the original film but show the rather odd connection between Norman Bates and his mother Norma Bates who somewhat seems to smother the boy and try to keep him protected away from the world he lives in.

I was a little surprised with the sexual content side of the show in the first episode which almost ruined it for me as I don’t like how far films and TV shows take things these days leaving little for the mind to just work out, but once moving past this the TV show has shown to be a real gem and certainly not let the classic movie down by any means.

All of the actors in the show play great roles and there is no poor acting scenes with a strong back story to it all.

I have now seen 5 episodes of the show and i’m very much looking forward to seeing more watching the interesting story unwind and see how the life and actions of the Bates family change Norman into the character we all know from the film Psycho.

I would give Bates Motel a good 8 out of 10 and certainly would recommend people watching the pilot first episode as already from that you will know if the show is likely to be for you or not.

If you have not seen the film Psycho yet I highly recommend you give this a viewing and below you will find links to the original 1960’s movie and the re-make from 1998.

Enjoy watching and checkout my review coming soon of Hannibal TV Series


Original 1960 Movie Link- Psycho (1960) [DVD]

Re-make from 1998 Link- Psycho [DVD]

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