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The Hairy Bikers Dieters: How to Love Food and Lose Weight Review

Well Christmas has now been and passed and for one of my presents I was given the Hairy Bikers Dieters Book, calling me fat for christmas nice right. Well anyway I have not bought a new cookbook in a long time now but I do love cooking and like to have a wide range of meals each week to keep things interesting.

At first look at the Dieters cook book it seemed hard to see how these meals could help you lose weight but we started to try 1 or 2 meals out the book each week when planning our weekly meals, I think the books main positive point is that the recipes and cooking instructions are really easy to follow and ensure the meal turns out as the Hairy Bikers planned it to.

It has a great selection of meals in there and not one so far has turned out badly, the sweet and sour chicken meal is lovely and very tasty. There are many great curry meals, meat dishes to choose from and something for every taste I believe.

More than just for losing weight if you want to taste some great new meals and expand on your cooking potential then give this book a try its cheap enough for anyone to add to their kitchen.

Take a look and see what you think it will certainly get alot more use in my house.

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