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Killswitch Engage – Disarm the Descent Album Review

So it’s finally here the new Killswitch Engage album entitled “Disarm the Descent”, with Howard Jones leaving the band in 2012 I was really sad thinking that’s it bands over.

Howard Jones is a fantastic singer and I think he really took Killswitch Engage forward after Jesse left, the band went on to release some brilliant metal songs and albums such as “The End of Heartache” which was one of my faves.

I started to listen to the new band Times of Grace which I felt was a way for the super talented Adam Dutkiewicz to release some new material that never really fitted in with Killswitch current sound, Times of Graced music was good but still felt it did not compare to Killswitch’s slightly heavier sound.

So with the news that Jesse Leach was returning to be the lead singer in Killswitch I kinda felt that their best days where over, no offence intended to Jesse he is great but I felt Howard had a better vocal range.

Upon hearing the new album “Disarm the Descent” I was utterly surprised straight away how good it was, the songs had brilliant guitar riffs from the talented Adam Dutkiewicz, and the mix of hardcore vocals from Jesse Leach and softer melodic tone once again from Adam made this album jump out at me.

I have been listening to it a lot and I have to say it’s really good and im very impressed with it, great work guys im looking forward to hearing some more content from you in the future and also hope to see you touring the UK as I would love to come to a show.

If you love Killswitch and have not bought this album yet you are missing out get out there and Buy It – Disarm The Descent (Special Edition)

Im also really looking forward to hearing the new band “Devil You Know” with the former lead singer Howard Jones on lead vocal once again.


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