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This Man (This Man Trilogy) By Jodi Ellen Malpas Review

The first book in the ‘This Man’ Trilogy from Jodi Ellen Malpas. Coming out of a long term relationship Interior Designer Ava O’Shea, is thrown in to the world of the conceited, devastatingly handsome, playboy that is Jessie Ward. As owner of ‘The Manor’ Jessie has a consultation booked with Ava for her to do the design work for the extension. Immediately Ava is faced with inability to control theĀ  overwhelming effects of Jessie.

The Man is very well written, as frustrating as Ava’s character is with her lack of decisions and inability to speak up, the chemistry is literally jumping off the pages. Jessie’s character is surprisingly addictive, you just want to know more about him, even when he’s being knowingly ridiculous. I got so caught up in the book I read it in one day sacrificing sleep for the need to finish the book. Thank goodness the second book was available to me straight away which was also finished in record time, I’m now left enduring the torturous wait for the third book. Come on Jodi Ellen Malpas we need more……

‘You should know that once I’ve had you, you’re mine’

As a self published book ‘This Man’ is only available on kindle. The paperbacks will be available in the near future.

This Man (This Man Trilogy)

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