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The Case of the Missing boyfriend by Nick Alexander

Book Review

CC has a high powered job in advertising, a wild bunch of gay friends for plenty of weekend entertainment and a lovely flat. She wants nothing more than the man of her dreams and a farm in the middle of no where and a blissful life. Are horrors of her past preventing her from moving on…….

I’m not sure where to begin with this book. As I do with all books I have high hopes and look forward to enjoying the story and the great feeling that comes with not wanting to put it down. However, that feeling never came. 12 pages in and I wondered if maybe I was being a bit premature and persisted to read on waiting to be captured………..78 pages in and I was slowly losing the will to live. It got to the point where I wanted to nothing more than throw my kindle but this would only depressed me further. Further on and I thought ‘yes!’ its about to get good, then it fell to nothingness yet again. It never seems to get going, we just jump from chapter to chapter with CC’s very annoying character and equally cliché situations , even the brief moments of good in the book are over shadowed by boredom.

Previously listed as the #1 kindle book on Amazon

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