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My First Quadcopter – Syma X5SW Wifi Camera Drone

Syma X5SW Quadcopter WIFI Drone

So after seeing a guy at work with a little quadcopter I started to think “this looks fun”, so I started to do a little research only to find there are ten tons of quads for sale and somewhere I had to find a fun and easy one to buy which also had spare parts easily available in case I crashed trying to learn.

After doing a few days research I came to see one of them most popular models for new flyers was the Syma X5C which was a bargain to to get started with but when I realised they made the SW model with WiFi video to an android or IOS phone or tablet then I was keen to give this a go.

I ordered mine in black and got it within a day or two ready to get started in the world that is drone and RC quadcopters.

The Syma quads are of a very good build quality for the money and have removable battery and camera with only a couple of prop guards and legs needing to be fitted upon arrival.

I charged her up and was a little rough at flying to start with but being a very stable copter you soon start to get the hang of simple flying especially if flying indoors like I was.

Flips are very easy to achieve with the simple press of a 3D top button and you soon get confident enough to throw it into the air and get going.

I had read the camera and app where hassle but I have only used it a few times mounted to the controller and it worked fine with good picture quality, also more than one phone can connect at once and watch it but flying using just this screen I found pretty hard.

If you’re looking at getting a quadcopter and need something easy to fly with cheap parts readily available then this is certainly one to look at, I also bought a 4 in 1 battery charger which came for 4 battery’s giving me plenty of flying time to practice.

May I just add I have crashed many times and although buying spare parts so far nothing has been damaged at all other than a couple of scuff marks.

Below I will post links to the quadcopter along with the 4 in 1 charger link for you to look at.

Join in on the fun I really have got the bug for these things now and already have 2 other quad models on order which I will soon review, one being a nano quadcopter and the other a Nighthawk 280 Pro Racing Quad.

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