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The Walking Dead Season 3 Final

So it’s here well finished now but the walking dead season 3 finale has been aired and I was truly looking forward to this one.

But I have to say I was really disappointed with the shows 3rd season ending, I was expecting bang bang action action but hmm I just never really saw it.

Don’t get me wrong i still love the walking dead as even though its kind of strayed a long way away from the zombies and more into the human interaction of the two groups of survivors it’s still a great show with some great actors and characters.

I won’t totally spoil it but was certainly one character in the finale that I won’t be missing.

I look forward to seeing where season 4 could take this show and I’m sure I will watch a re-run to see if I’m being unfare with my poor rating.

Once again though great work from all the special effects and makeup artists the zombies look amazing as always great work.

Right well I now need to find a other show to watch like the following I think.

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