Tiberius EP Review – UK Melodic Tech-Metal Band

New Tiberius Self Titled EP

This is a quick review of a new band I came across called Tiberius who have just released a self titled EP in late 2015 which they class as melodic tech-metal and where formed in Edinburgh UK.

Being a keen Metal and Rock fan of all different types I thought I would give them a listen and see what I thought of the riffs and vocals as I struggle to keep coming up with new bands to listen to.

From being a beginnerguitarist since I have not had the time to practice in a long while im always first drawn to the style of riffs and rhythm played when I listen to a song and straight in with Counting sheep I liked the use of cords and little riffs played here especically at the start of the song, there are 4 songs to checkout all of which are listed below and also they have a facebook page and youtube channel which I have linked to for you to look at.

I need to listen to the songs more as quite often it takes me a while to really get a taste for a band especially if they have a unique sound, Korn took me a little while to get a taste for and also Devil Driver but now im a big fan of both.

The EP comes with 4 songs

1) Vultures
2) Owls and Hexcodes
3) Counting Sheep
4) Sermon Engine

I would say the vocals could be compared a little to that of say Coheed and Cambria with a fairly high vocal range rather than a deep dirty metal tone that I would often listen to from many 80’s metal songs, but this is not to say that its not nice to have a change once in a while for variety.

All the songs are set to a pretty fast tempo with Counting Sheep probably being my fave, I do like a little repetitive guitar riff that moves up an octave and then back down again and counting sheep has a cool little melodic riff towards the start.

I think if your into metal and melodic metal this band is well worth a listen, being at such an early stage in their music career I think they have potential and would be cool to see them in a local venue at some point in the future.

If you fancy a listen Check out the EP HERE

Tiberius are

Grant Barclay – Vocals and lyrics
Jahan Tabrizi – Guitar
Chris Foster – Guitar
Gerald Chau – Bass
Stewart McLachlan – Drums

Additional Vocals – Kirsty Robb

Youtube Channel

Facebook Page

I wish these guys good luck and hope you will all show your support for a new UK band by going and checking them out.

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